2011 (1)
Ontological Problem-Solving Framework for Dynamically Configuring Sensor Systems and Algorithms Qualls, J.; Russomanno; and J, D. Sensors, 11(3):3177--3204. 2011.
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  2010 (1)
Semantics-based Plug-and-Play Configuration of Sensor Network Services Pathan, M.; Taylor, K.; and Compton, M. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Semantic Sensor Networks Workshop (SSN10), volume 668, page 16, Shanghai, China, 2010. CEUR Workshop Proceedings
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  2008 (1)
Matching sensors to missions using a knowledge-based approach Preece, A.; Gomez, M.; de Mel, G.; Vasconcelos, W.; Sleeman, D.; Colley, S.; Pearson, G.; Pham, T.; Porta; and L, T. In SPIE Defense Transformation and Net-Centric Systems, 2008.
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