2010 (2)
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Using Semantic Annotation for Knowledge Extraction from Geographically Distributed and Heterogeneous Sensor Data Moraru, A.; Fortuna, C.; and Mladenic, D. In 4th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD-2010), 2010.
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  2009 (2)
Semantic Challenges for Sensor Plug and Play Br̈oring, A.; Janowicz, K.; Stasch, C.; and Kuhn, W. In W2GIS '09: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems, volume 5886, pages 72--86, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2009. Springer-Verlag
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Review of semantic enablement techniques used in geospatial and semantic standards for legacy and opportunistic mashups Lefort, L. In Meyer, T.; and Taylor, K., editor(s), Australasian Ontology Workshop 2009 (AOW 2009), volume 112, of CRPIT, pages 17--26, Melbourne, Australia, 2009. ACS
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