2011 (1)
A Prototype Provenance Management System for a Continuous Flow Forecasting System Kloppers, C.; Peters, C.; Liu, Q.; Bai, Q.; Taylor, P.; Malewski, C.; Mueller, H.; Terhorst, A.; Lee, B.; Zednik, S.; West, P.; and Fox, P. In OpenWater Symposium and workshops (Extended abstracts), 2011.
  2010 (3)
Provenance in the Web of Linked Sensor Data Baillie, C.; Edwards, P.; Pignotti, E.; and Reed, R. In Digital Futures 2010, 2010.
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A Provenance Model for Real-Time Water Information Systems Liu, Q.; Bai, Q.; Zednik, S.; Taylor, P.; Fox; A, P.; Taylor; L, K.; Kloppers, C.; Peters, C.; Terhorst, A.; West, P.; Compton, M.; and Shu, Y. In American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010, San Francisco, Cal, USA, 2010.
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Provenance Aware Linked Sensor Data Patni, H.; Sahoo; S, S.; Henson, C.; and Sheth, A. In 2nd Workshop on Trust and Privacy on the Social and Semantic Web Colocated with ESWC2010 Heraklion Greece, volume 5, 2010. CEUR-WS.org
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