2010 (2)
Google Book Rights Registry , editor . 2010.
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  2009 (2)
BlogTrackers: A Tool for Sociologists to Track and Analyze Blogosphere and Shamanth Kumar and Huan Liu and Mark Woodward, .N.A. In he Third International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, 2009. The AAAI Press
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Semantic History: Towards Modeling and Publishing Changes of Online Semantic Data Jie, B.; Ding, L.; McGuinness; and L, D. In The 2nd Social Data on the Web workshop (SDoW2009), 2009.
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  2007 (1)
Extracting Causal Graphs from an Open Provenance Data Model Miles, S.; Groth, P.; Munroe, S.; Jiang, S.; Assandri, T.; and Moreau, L. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, . 2007.
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  2003 (1)
Inference Web: Portable Explanations for the Web McGuinness; L, D.; and Pinheiro Da Silva, P. Technical Report Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, 2003.
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  2002 (1)
A Metadata Registry for the Semantic Web Heery, R.; and Wagner, H. D-Lib Magazine, 8(5). May 2002.
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  2000 (1)
WebBase : A repository of Web pages Hirai, J.; Raghavan, S.; Garcia-Molina, H.; and Paepcke, A. Computer Networks, 33(1-6):277--293. May 2000.
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